Service & Support

Once a customer…Always a customer!

USA has the most experienced and knowledgeable customer support team in the industry. Your relationship with USA begins at our initial meeting and continues when your order is placed, but it doesn’t end when your order is delivered. USA will always be there with customer service and support. This is our specialty!

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Value Proposition

USA is committed to the development and delivery of innovative, high quality products and exceptional customer service for the industrial laundry industry. The techniques and systems practiced at USA will exceed expectations with every order placed.

At USA we pledge to continuously set the standards of the industrial laundry industry like we have done for the past 25 years.

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Get the Facts: New vs. Reconditioned

The Facts about purchasing new lockers vs. reconditioned lockers:

New lockers are just that, “BRAND NEW”.  No rust bubbles covered by liquid paint.  Painted over hinges, blemishes, grind marks etc.

The end customer knows you care about them.  They are not getting someone else’s second hand, “used” lockers.

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Our Mission

USA has set the standards for uniform lockers by providing strong, durable, quality lockers that exceed the demands of the industry. USA is committed to the delivery of high quality products and has the most experienced and knowledgeable customer service team which allows USA to be the innovative face of customer service in the industrial laundry industry.

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